In 2013, as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow, I undertook a year of listening deeply and recording in agrarian and urban spaces that I felt were vivid, meaningful, and particularly characteristic of the seven countries in which I studied: Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Argentina, Bolivia, Iceland, and Northern Ireland. This project has since extended beyond my Watson Fellowship to include familiar sounds from my environment in Los Angeles. Furthermore, found sounds and the practice of field recording continue to influence my recent compositions for fixed media. You can hear some of my original field recordings below. Most recordings were made using a Zoom H4n Handy Mobile 4-Track Recorder, occasionally equipped with stereo Cold Gold Buffered XLR contact microphones with alligator clips or a monophonic JrF D-Series Hydrophone.

To hear more recordings, please visit my profile at where many of my audio samples are hosted under free, Creative Commons licenses.