Score Sample

Recorded November 14, 2013 by the NOW Ensemble: Alex Sopp, flute; Agnes Marchione, clarinet; Mark Dancigers, electric guitar; Logan Coale, double bass; Michael Mizrahi, piano, Harper Hall, Lawrence University.

Orchestration: flute, clarinet, electric guitar, double bass, piano.

Duration: approx. 3 minutes


Hoquetus Perindens is a whimsical take on the “hocket,” a musical technique frequently found in 13th and 14th century European vocal music in which the notes of one or more melodic lines are scattered between different voices in an ensemble. Inspired, in part, by the frenetic tempo canons of Conlon Nancarrow, the musical material of Hoquetus Perindens starts in several different slowly-changing tempos. The tempos converge, gradually revealing the hocket technique as the musical lines come into sync with one another. In the last seconds of the work a delicate counterpoint is finally heard in its complete form with all instruments playing in the same tempo. Calculations for the written-out tempo changes were performed using AC Toolbox.