Progression in Stills

Progression in Stills is a portrait of an actress silhouetted against the Pacific Northwest landscape. As this unnamed woman moves through the University of Washington campus, the Washington Park Arboretum, Gas Works Park, and finally enters the Tolt River to float in a dreamlike reverie, the environment itself seems to contort and transform in reflection of the character’s self-expression. Progression in Stills is the result of collaboration between cinematographer, composer, actress, and singer, each exploring and experimenting with their own media. The result is an improvisatory vignette that draws equally on sound and manipulation of the frame itself to express an inner world.

Progression in Stills was created in collaboration with Zachary Burns (cinematography), Victoria Kaetz (actress), and Sarah Robinson (vocalist). The work was first screened as part of my senior recital, Lawrence University, March 2013. Filming took place between July 2012 and January 2013.