23.5° (from the ecliptic)


23.5° (from the ecliptic) is an ambisonic data sonification of the more than 1400 anthropogenic satellites currently in orbit around earth based on data compiled and made available by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Orbital period, altitude at perigee and apogee, and launch mass are represented by the speed of amplitude pulses, the frequency of the pitch, and the timbre of the pitches respectively. Additionally realtime data representing military satellites above performance space on the day of the performance is represented by foreground tones with each satellite’s inclination in degrees from the ecliptic represented by a spatial location of origin for that sound within a speaker dome.

23.5° (from the ecliptic) was written and premiered as part of the 3D Audio workshop at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Yelahanaka, Bengaluru, India to inaugurate the 3D Soundlab developed in collaboration with Felix Deufel of Wisp Kollektiv with support from The Indian Sonic Research Organisation and the Max Mueller Bhavan Goethe Instituts Bangalore.